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How we got into the business of juicing ?

 I was diagnosed by my doctor with anemia in the year of 2017. My doctor stated that my blood level was at a 9 which is very close to needing a blood transfusion if my levels would have dropped to an 8. My doctor told me in order to get my levels back up I would need to purchase Iron Sulfate which is an over the counter medication. I knew then that taking over the counter medicine was not an option for me.


My husband Steven Silver and I started researching learning about fruits and vegetables and the type of nutrition they offer. My husband and I that I could take iron in naturally with certain fruits and vegetables. I started juicing for about 3 months which was up until my next follow up appointment to see where my blood levels were.


My doctor read my results and as I expected my levels jumped from a 9 to 11 from just juicing fruits and vegetables with no medication. At that point my husband and I knew we could offer our community the same healthy options. After finding out about my anemia I thought back to when I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13. I knew with my previous health issue and current health issue I had to make a life change.


The choice I made was to change my eating habits, I felt like if I didn’t change I could possibly get cancer again or my blood levels could stay low. This is when we started having discussions about opening a juice bar within the same year of 2017.

The city of Rocky Mount which is where we live has no healthy options for people who would like to have healthier choices. With my husband and I not knowing what to do or how to even begin to know how to start a juice it took us a little over 3 years of researching, planning and saving for our juice bar. Finally, on August 5, 2020 we purchased our LLC to the company. Then in September of 2020 we found the perfect location for our juice bar. Now my husband and I are able to serve our community with healthy options such as juices, smoothies, and food.

Our mission is to give our community healthier options for a healthier lifestyle with healthier food choices.

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